We create
complete multi - branch
projects of
the scope of our activity
includes: analisis, studies,
plans, competitions, concept design, technical
projects, executive projects,
author's supervision and scientific studies,
publications, participation in conferences
interaction with Culture, communication between people cooperation with Nature
  • culturally active surfaces 
  • direct relations between
  • art
  • advertising
  • technology
  • science
A space created to
accommodate to
specialized processes of
human life, with the
aim of enclosing within
its perimeter, the full
cycle of usage and
recreation or adapted to
enclosing these
processes within the
  •   Biologically
  • active layer

  • Retension and
  • usage of local
  • rainfall

Public Space

W e strive to work in the meeting point of two professions - architecture and urbanism. We perceive both of these professions as being "practical", in which theory and practice must have an immediate effect on the other. The overlapping of the conflict between these professions, which organize space from the perspective of "I" and "we" and the problematics of disturbing the balance between life giving and life sustaining processes, gives immunity to the emotions of current political or financial interests and distances to the imperatives of fashion. Detecting ties between that which is common in the individual and that which is individual in the common, is in our opinion a fascinating problem of contemporary spatial transformation .
This attitude of engagement with distance, which gives a chance for reaching the "core essence" within a fragmentary case, as well as the conviction of the creative force of opposites and the interlaced relations between all independent parts and their sum - is what we seek to maintain .